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2011-01-31 08:42:44 by ShanZE

Yo yo!

There is a possibility of "Faggot Sapiens" turning into an actual band sometime in the future. This weekend I talked to a good friend of mine who happens to be probably the best drummer I know and he was excited about the new songs from "Relationshit Revisited" that I played to him, and he said that he'd like to play drums in the project if I want to form a live band. I played with him back in the days in a band called "Chaosphere" (the music was brutal, groovy thrash/death metal) as the bassist. It was my first band, I think there are a few (very low quality) live clips from our shows on youtube.

I think it would be awesome, let's see what will happen! My little brother is also moving to the same city sometime this year so he'll definately be in the band as a guitar or bass player (the bastard plays better than I do). I'll try no to get too excited though, these things don't alwys work out that easy but let's see!

Finishing the new album has taken a little longer than I thought it would but I'm working hard on it and this time honestly it'll be out in February. I'd say on the 23rd, that's my birthday :D I'll try to get the artwork done and release one more song before I release the whole album. Don't know which one yet, though. I just got the idea as I was writing this thing.

Wow, Charlie is on the top of the grunge list! Thank you, good people of NG!


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2011-01-31 13:37:33

Sounds good man!


2011-02-05 01:02:16

Ay ay aye....

Santeri if you keep me waiting i'm gonna explode!!!!




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