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It's out there

Posted by ShanZE - February 23rd, 2011

The New Album is out!


DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! (just enter zero in the box)

...or pay what you want, if you have extra cash and feel like supporting your new favourite indie artist!

Better yet than paying for the album: spread the word! Download the songs and send them to your friends, share links to my new album on facebook, anything!

Reviews of the album also greatly appreciated, I think only one person of the 6 billion people on earth reviewed the last album, so my target amount of reviews is 2! Can I reach that? Up to you people! :D

For short updates and random stuff, follow me on Twitter

- s

It's out there


Come on, even if you think it's crap, tell me!

Well, I haven't listened to everything yet, but what I think so far:

Walls of Berlin is okay for an opener, but not really special.

Quicksand is cool, nice guitar and vocals, I just didn't like the last vocal part. Just not my style.

The new version of So far, no good is great, it was awesome to hear it. Only one thing though, there is a bit too much bass in the solo part, I can barely hear anything else.

I really enjoyed the new In love again, much better than the old one, especially the intro.

Mono erectus was ok, just a tad too disturbing for me.

Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the first half of the album! I'm glad to hear your honest opinion, and you certainly are right that the bass on SFNG is too loud, too bad I don't have proper monitors... Glad you liked the new In Love Again, it was a pain in the ass to record for some reason. What you said about Mono Erectus made me laugh, and yeah, I can understand :DD Glad to hear your thoughts, I'd like to hear what you thought of the rest of the songs though!

Well, I just listened to the rest of the songs and here are my thoughts:

Shoot me into sun is great, don't think I can add anything there.

Poltergeist is awesome, I really don't know what else needs to be said.

No longer a whore is also very good, I just wish it didn't end so quickly.

Sister is not bad, but also not very good. Especially the solo was way below your usual quality.

I already gave you my opinion on Heart 404, not gonna add anymore here.

Into the new was very dark, which was good, 'cause it was quite different from your other songs there (maybe except Fuck me). I think it's one of your very best, it also had the better lyrics than anything else on Relationshit.

Pretty side up was nice, I enjoyed listening to it, but it wasn't very long and if it were longer, It would be one of your greatest songs ever.

Fuck me was really good, sounded kind of Nirvana- ish, really nice guitar here.

Also, one thing that bothers me about your songs, is that you sometimes make mistakes writing your lyrics, Like with Shoot me into sun, Poltergeist, Pretty side up and some stuff you posted on Newgrounds. Not really a big deal, but it annoys me.

I pm'd you yesterday after reading this, I had had some whiskey and rambled quite a lot because I misunderstood your point there regarding the lyrics, i thought you meant that the lyrics don't make sense which i was afraid of since i sometimes don't know if the words mean what i think they do (since the english i know is what i've learned in school and on my own) :D but then...then i realized you were talking about the written lyrics on bandcamp which truly are full of mistakes (i wrote them down at work from memory before i uploaded the actual songs) ..

And now for a public response: I'm glad you liked Pretty Side Up and Into the New, these are songs that people haven't commented to me on while they are both my personal favourites. I have to agree with you on No Longer a Whore, it really is pretty short but I guess when I had it composed there was nothing to add, it was there. As for Pretty Side Up, I wanted to extend it but I was kinda afraid that it'll drain some of the power of the song. I came up with a few riffs yesterday that could've fit nicely into the song but I'll use them in another one then... What I have to disagree with you on, is the solo on Sister because it's like that intentionally, I wanted it to sound like a bunch of noise because in my opinion that was the only kind of solo that could've fit there. But that proves it is a matter of opinion and I respect yours greatly anyhow. Thank you for the great full album review, and others please do the same!

Refreshing. I liked it, vocals could use alittle work tho. Instrumentals were great, basically, good things.

They sure could, actually I could just behave myself and start being an instrumentalist again since I'm not improving as a vocalist, just getting worse by day.

But thanks! I still think it's a good album full of good songs, I just wish the execution was better. And that I was an awesome singer. And a goddamn rockstar.