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Posted by ShanZE - March 18th, 2011

I've been having a fucking flu for the whole winterand last week it got worse so I stayed home the whole week. I was having some problems with my throat and lungs too and I lost my voice and now I'm trying to find it again with no good results so far.

Instrumentals for 4 songs out of 5 for the new Bad Samaritan demo have been recorded and I've been trying to lay down vocals for them every now and then but it just sounds fucking horrible, I don't know why. My vocal range suddenly dropped a full octave, what the hell. My vox suddenly sound completely fucking powerless. And when I try to sing the songs of the new album, the only one I can nail perfectly is "Fuck Me". I want to record so badly but I guess I'll have to recover and rehearse instead. And it depresses me 'cause it's fucking boring and time goes wasting.

I got something done at least: the design of the booklet for the new album. Now I'll need to get the back cover done and then I can send it to print. Which costs more than I can pay now. Fucking fuck-a-doodle-doo.

We have a gig coming up on 17th of May.

The tracklist for our demo:
Final Stage of Evolution
Back Alive
If a Man Can't Dance
Destination Nowhere

I wrote the best song I've ever written, "Shook Hands" a while ago. We'll rehearse it with the band sometime. That was just before my writer's block and high fever.

After the Bad Sam' demo, the next thing I want to record is a pissed-off arse-kicking very-heavy mother-fucking Faggot Sapiens EP where I'll try to hone my production skills and concentrate on the execution of individual songs better than I did on the album. Probably 4-6 songs. Discarded the original idea of including a new EP with the CD version of "Relationshit", it would cost too much and just become too difficult to get done right now the way I meant it to happen. List of possible titles to be included:

Hole to Fill
Revival of Tomorrow
Rebels Without Weapons
Officer Down
The Black Cat
Acid Face
Thumbs Up
Strike My Nerve
Her Feet Above the Ground

I've been writing songs in finnish too, lately. If you liked "Jeesus" you might enjoy some of these titles. I'll record some of these as a collaboration with a good friend of mine who I used to play in a band with. Probably some weird groovy Tom Waits type of stuff. Here's a list of those songs (the titles are pretty depressing but the songs are actually filled with dark humor):

Noidankehä (Vicious Circle)
Maailmanloppu (The End of the World) <- this is probably the best one of these
Elämä Ei Jatku (Life Doesn't Go On)
Arjen Antisankari (Everyday Anti-Hero)
Tavallinen Tilapäinen Äkillisestä Muutoksesta Johtuva Masennus (A Normal Temporary Depression that is Due to a Sudden Change)
Turha Pyyhkiä Persettä Enää kun on Paskat Housussa (No Use Wiping Your Ass When You've Already Crapped Your Pants)


Well, I'm sorry to hear about your flu, wish you get better soon. On the other side, I'm glad that your going to record some new stuff, can't wait to listen to it. I enjoyed Jeesus very much, so I'll be happy to listen to your songs in finnish. Also, I played &quot;Into the New&quot; to my mom and she thinks you're great. Just thought it would cheer you up.