New song "Her Feet Above the Ground" on YouTube!

2011-06-15 10:50:12 by ShanZE


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2011-06-17 10:08:00

Hey, I saw it, really nice music video, the song itself was quite good too, but I've heard better from you.


2011-06-18 01:45:29

Thought it was a good jam, fast paced and easy to get into. Vocals sounding great.


2011-06-19 13:46:25

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2011-06-21 18:15:15

Thanks guys! I had nothing to do with the video, that was done by a wonderful person called Dan Bee. I did make the cover picture though!


2011-07-01 14:01:12

I don't know if you read it yet, but i posted a review of "Besides" as a comment on your news entry 40. If you haven't noticed it yet, just sayin'.

ShanZE responds:

I responded to that a few days ago, cool that you reviewed it!


2011-07-22 16:13:00

Awesome song, one of my favourites from Grunge Forum 100!