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While I'm not putting out any "real" music

Posted by ShanZE - October 16th, 2011

Listen to this funny shit we recorded with a friend a while back. The whole album was written and recorded in one day.

Here it is, motherfuckers.


Lol, cool stuff you got there, dude, real trippy. You mind posting the lyrics? Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure if I have all of them saved anywhere but I can try to find them...

Intro:.... can't remember and I can't really figure it out either :D those were written and sung by my friend Ville :D

Life is a Joke:
Life is a joke
You'll get it when the punchline comes

(that piece of lyric is re-used in a song called "Somewhere" which will possibly be the last song on my next thing)

Grävling's Röv:
Du är grävlings röv
(swedish, translates to: "You're badger's ass" ... don't ask...)

Good Fortune Smiling:
Susej, Natas (over and over again, reversed and not reversed, crazy shit :D)

Death Extreme:
Love love love, love for the hazel eyes
Love for the hazy eye (??)
Good fortune smiling on my side
Mr tambourine and me
Walking like care none
Lesser we care the less we share
Listen to me... listen to me
Listen to Joyce, listen to the Proust
Listen to Marley

Hear Chris, Layne and the Stark Barley
Come on Jesus, come on Allah
Come the holy Rob Zombie
Sing sing sing, Sing the melody
It's death and death, death and death
Death and death only

(first verse lyrics repeated)

Mother Ear:

Deliver the gasoline, light the candles
Treat the bastard with respectful manners
This is our carnival I'm the party started
So let's start it up, send this martyr into stardom
What's with the gloomy face? Did you lose your faith?
Did you mama's lil' angel fail to choose your fate?
Always with depression, oppression and sad expressions of course
May the force be with ya' baby, set this fucker off

Hey mr perfect brains
I'll teach you how to smile
Hey mr oh-so-lame
Say hello to mr knife

What a wild child, you're on a crucifix
Now that's a wide smile, you look so good it's sick
Finally you're alive, you're almost lifelike it's true
We might miss you but we'll do just fine, a statue will do
Ok, I get it, you're shouting for cops but why are you shouting so loud?
See, they all are also standing in the crowd
The fire will devour you, my fellow human being
Nothing could ever unite us like a common enemy

Stop thinkin' about the ticks and the tocks
The clock says your time is up
It's better to laugh about it than to cry about it, don't you think?
So have a drink before you become extinct
Don't worry about saying you're sorry
We won't forgive you anyway
It's your day, it's your parade
Why not welcome afterlife with a big fat fucking smile?

In this Party:

Sometimes I feel the pain of my brothers
Who bury the wrong done to them in beer bottles
Who let the evil bitches take control over them
Use 'em up, fuck 'em up and then dump 'em
Call me the punisher, or even the big brother
I'm keepin' an eye on your every movement motherfucker
You did right giving up what you did never deserve
But blame another for your faults, you've got some nerve

She's attending this party
So raise the roof, make some room for her big ass fucking ego
She needs attention in this party
So amuse her, feed her grapes, say her name, everybody

And I am here just to even it out, have no doubt
That I ain't callin' you names I'm calling you out
You will witness me releasing my rage
You got some beef with me, unleash it in my face
Bitch please you've got to see that you're the criminal here
In this case your face is what deserves to be smeared
In blood, of your own, little princess, my precious
I never hit women but I hit sluts with pleasure
Nobody's perfect and everybody dies someday
Alll chicks and dudes alike, this time I'm letting you off
With a yellow card, but come back and say another word
And you'll die

(I think this is the most epic song on the album, I recorded this in one take and improvised the keyboards while singing from the weird ass lyrics I had just written, came up with a nice riff and stuck with it for the whole thing, I love how there are no drums and the distorted strings combined with the "old radio" vocals give it a creepy, kind of Nine Inch Nails-like vibe)

I just had to review the album, so here goes:

The intro was awesome, heard some great screaming there.

Life Is A Joke - well, good lyrics and guitar, the opening was kinda weird though, anyway song was okay, just very short.

Grävlings röv - epic way to start a song, the lyrics... well, it made me laugh.

Good Fortune Smiling - heh, I just got the lyrics, nice work reversing the vocals, I also liked the "iaaaa iaaaa iaaaa" in the background. The song sounded kind of Indian to me (not sure why).

Death Extreme - my favourite. Really great guitar, cool lyrics (especially 2nd verse) and overall good job here.

Mother Ear - great lyrics, great vocals, liked the riff in the background and the screaming.

In This Party - yeah, quite an epic song here, nice, hateful lyrics like always, the distorted guitar sounded truly amazing, and yes, it did sound creepy. Still, it was a bit... well, monotonous.

Thanks for the review man! I'd love to make another experimental "album" like this as soon as possible!

Kinda frustrating that i cant take these songs with me, just for listening purposes. Life is a joke was fun to hear, just a tad short tho. In this party would be great to have in my library. Gotta let me know when i can get a hold of some of these.

You can! Just click it where it says "Lataa MP3" it means "Download mp3"