Entry #45

Slow news year

2012-04-17 15:29:13 by ShanZE

Hello NG! What's up with me?

I got engaged and moved to a new place! And broke up right after...

I also cut my dreadlocks off.

The band I kept talking about as "Doghouse" exists nowadays, we're called Sunmass. We have a song called "White Door" on myspace. We have another demo on soundcloud, it's called "Refill You". This new NG is all weird but I guess it's pretty good. I don't even know if anyone's using this anymore!

- Santeri


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2012-04-26 00:57:52

Damn... seems like you've been up to a lot. I haven't done shit in years.
Is Sunmass the name of the myspace page?

(There still are a few people floating around Newgrounds, just the main focus is the animation.)


2012-05-07 07:56:49

Just discovered some of your stuff! It's really awesome, keep on making 'em, ShanZE :P


2012-05-07 20:54:58

This one day.... ShanZE.... that is all


2012-05-15 01:26:56

Life's a bitch, Man.

Keep rockin' out, 'n making good tunes! Respect!