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I love this

I love the new experimental stuff and genre crossing you've been up to lately but it's cool to see you're still dropping some heavy grungers! This one's a big bad beast, I love the way everything sounds and your voice sounds REALLY good on this one.

A refreshing breath of filthy grunge air. You have my 10.


I love the atmosphere you have managed to create on this one. The intro is plain amazing! I love the way this song evolves all the time, it's very experimental yet still stays together all the time. You are a very good artist and you've been a great source of inspiration to me.

Gunshy responds:

thank you. this song took a long time to bring together. the bass was especially tricky. but yeah the 'genre evolution' sound i used for the last album's songs is apparent here, too. thank you for the special "amazing" just for the intro. that took a lot of time and mixdowns and practicing to bring to life. and i still fuck it up.
i'm glad that i inspire you as an artist. that's the blush above :) this song isn't even one of my favorites of the new batch, but it's a new classic example of what happens when a melody and concept get stuck in my head. jamming out to this song in real life and in my head (usually while driving) gave it all these other avenues of genre play that i wouldn't have otherwise thought of. it could have easily been a 3-and-a-half-minute song, but instead i saw it thru over 8 months of re-writes and planning. these things take time. thanks for the support :)

Interesting stuff!

Great that you're making new stuff! Not somethinig I've heard from you before, actually I was kinda doutful about what it's gonna be after reading the description but it was truly awesome, once again. You've got some serious talent 'cause you can switch the style of music just like that and still sound just as great. I'm positively surprised. Really enjoyed this one and I can see you already had your share of zero bombers as well, so as a fan I'll try to 5-bomb it for a while, man.

"Pop" here doesn't necessarily mean "popular music" (since this is actually an interesting piece and something out of usual) so I'd say it's more of an abbreviation for "piece of perfection".

Gunshy responds:

Lol, I recorded this March of 2010, released it (indie) on my album "No Standard Model" in July of that year, so... hmmm, grumble... begrudging :) with a side of :P

Thank you for the compliments and 5s for this one. I really did switch it up a bit, and I knew going into this it wasn't going to be one for the grunge bin. This was the last song recorded for that album, essentially a throwaway ditty that i could just keep light (and weird), and really sink my teeth into it vocally and lyrically. If I had to do it again, I'd put some solo guitar at the end, or just have it go on another few minutes with that... but something short and sweet was on my mind (and all that would fit on the album at that point), so here it is, in all its Pop single-length glory. I put it here (in Pop) because it IS what it is, a short little bouncy 4/4 time 3-chord groove... i think it's akin to "goodbye horses" and a few other songs that just go along and build and hit a climactic chorus-like section, then fade out. no verse-chorus-verse effect. fuck it. so, this was a fun experiment in instrumental minimalism, and also features the drum set that i'm using on the NEW NEW songs i've been working on. (hint, hint!) elsewhere on the internet I referred to the sound of the new album as "loud fast pop punk power metallic prog grunge crystalline entity fillet mignon bouillabaisse stew hullabaloo root down falcon punch angry salad birthday cake" - so, yeah it's going... tryin.

Good stuff

I love the "Alright I'm going away" part! It's a nice grunge song, sounds just like the 90's and that's really cool. The solo part is nice too, i like the stereo effect about it, sounds really good with headphones. Raw music!

I already love this song

This song always was awesome, now it sounds a little better but I had nothing to complain about the older version either really. It's cool to hear the singing a little better though. This is a truly fucking awesome tune and I hope you still have lots of ideas and new songs that are as good as this, since I would've rather heard a new song because like I said the old version already was a killer. Keep rocking!

Good job!

I like how it changes just before 2:00 it's cool. nice song to chill out to, it's something that could fit to a short movie or animation well. yeah the bass could be deeper but it sounds pretty good with headphones i think. Nothing bad to say here, just that it's not really my type of music so it doesn't exactly blow my mind, more like cools it down a little before the big bang comes (which is your next song, maybe? ;D)

dr-vibe responds:

maybe :o i hope it is!

thanks, haha

I look forward to the professional version

I can hear that you're a really good guitar player and not a bad singer either! Reminds me of Pearl Jam which is not my fav grunge band but really good nevertheless. Same thing with this one, not exactly my favourite but I did like it and I give you major props 'cause you've got something here! I don't know if the final version will be acoustic or electric but I'm thinkin that if it will be electric you could use some muddy dirty distortion to add some edge to it, since now it sounds a little too clean. Also add volume to the vox!

Stereocrisis responds:

Yeah, this is just a rough draft. I am thinking electric all the way, but it is nice to know that I could strip it down to this level, an acoustic and a voice, and it still works on emotion and melody alone. I'm going to sing it more rough and in key too when I re-record. I know my voice sucks on this, but it was done on a first take, I didn't go back to fix anything.

An awesome grunge song

I can hear Alice here! Love the way it slows down, you guys are real pros! I like the singing very much. Quality is nice and everything just sounds great. This review isn't helping much but really why should I try to give advice when you guys should be giving it to me. Really good. This one got me all excited!

Weird stuff, good stuff

It first did remind me of Nirvana's Something in the Way somehow. then you mentioned NIN there and it started to remind me of their song "Lights in the Sky" more than "Hurt". I love NIN so it's not hard to love this one too. There could be something else here too, though, like bass or ambient mumbling somewhere in the background.

The thing that I'm wondering is that why you don't have other songs like homophobe, that one is crazy awesome. I'd like to hear something like that from you, but of course you will do your thing and that's the only way to go! I should know, I have tried my best lately to record something that's more like in your face- type of shit with banging drums and distorted guitars. And then I realize that it ain't time for that now. Like yesterday I recorded ANOTHER acoustic song (although it's an important song to me). If you care to listen it's there, "Great Treasure".

Sour-Cherry responds:

The reason why I haven't written another song like homophobe is that I haven't felt those angry/bitter/anarchist/decrepit emotions and another feeling I forgot to mention is Betrayed... :(
For me it's strange you say that, for years people told me "don't quit the day job now" when they'd listen to that song. Tell me it's a piece of crap, not only that. At the time when writing it, it was honestly really painful to write, even to play it. So yeah, I try to avoid it really....
I hope I answered that!!!
And to the proper subject =
I believe the proper influence on Mudeppbla, is great goth bands not only NIN but siouxsie and the banshees, Marilyn Manson, In generall GOTH lol
btw Great Treasure is awesome XD
Thanks for the listen friend!!! :D

Peace Sour-Cherry

One of your best!

I love how the guitar sounds so rough somehow. Also knowing how you've been feeling at the time of releasing this song really gives a special meaning to the angst in the song. Everything sounds so good here and the song is just awesome. I think the vox sound good, I find no reason to complain about them. The drums are sounding great. Everything is.

This is one of your best songs, I've been listening a lot to this even before reviewing properly.

"status qo: absymal
sarcastic and cynical
fatalistic and fickle"

This is an awesome part

Can't wait to hear the music you've been making!

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