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ShanZE's News

Posted by ShanZE - November 21st, 2009

I changed some of the songs for the EP because it's taking me such a long time to finsih it I have already started thinking that some of the songs on the original tracklist were bad. After changing the songs the big picture of the ep changed radically so I had to change the name also. It's now A Small Emergency EP. Here's the tracklist I have in mind right now:

Smash the Hourglass
Eggs, Bacon and a Goddamn Gun
Great Treasure
Watching You
Heavy Burdens
She Wants To Shine

I was rehearsing with one guy this week, we're forming a band. First I guess we'll play some acoustic shows with just the two of us. We tried some of my songs, and some already sounded pretty good. Then we played some AIC and Faith no More covers. Stripsearch was sounding awesome. I had already forgotten how nice it is to play with somebody. I'll put a youtube video next time we rehearse (if I remember to do that)!

I forgot my guitar in where we rehearsed so I can't record now although I'd like to :( All of the songs are recorded except She Wants To Shine. That one is half-way done. I had to drop Hello Goodbye cause I wasn't satisfied. Maybe on the next EP which I have already planned. The artwork is something that doesn't seem to happen too fast :D

But remember, A Small Emergency EP, that's what it will be! You'll understand the name when you hear the songs!

Posted by ShanZE - November 10th, 2009

never mind this post

Posted by ShanZE - November 4th, 2009

Don't mind me I ain't got nothing to say
about anything nice not a happy birthday
I caught a cold and i caught a disease
the result of the AIDS test is the only positive thing
well i've got a reason but just how should i use it
my brains are last season i was born to be stupid
but i'm not depressed at least it's what i believe
but i can't be sure cause i don't know what this means

all i wanna be is a stupid happy person
and i don't wanna believe in anything
don't wanna learn how to skip the happiness
but that's all they teach me oh somebody help

the only thing that they teach us at school
is how to turn living people into statues
i don't want to be a part of this genocide
the only way to escape is to leave and let die

don't you mind me don't let me interrupt
your speech of the end of the world and how near it is but
sometimes the limit goes off can't take the bullshit in the class
mister stick your philosophy up your goddamn ass
i don't wanna hear about that fucking jesus christ
or about the good old or the future bad times
don't wanna feel quilty for mess i didn't cause
don't wanna learn the politics it makes me fucking nauseaous


Posted by ShanZE - October 29th, 2009

I'm disorganized. I promised Off the Radar, but I realized that sometimes composing is easier than playing. Which means that it appeared to be too difficult without practising first. Here's a song I've practised for almost exactly a year and a half. Great Treasure. This one is very personal and important to me because it's about my grandfather who always was one of my biggest heroes. The day he died my mind was blank. The next day I wrote this song. When there's nothing you can do, you'll just have to be humble and deal with it. This is me dealing with it.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /284225

Posted by ShanZE - October 28th, 2009

Wake up, go to work, come back, go to sleep

I've been feeling like I suck a t playing guitar so I've been practising and writing new songs. I haven't been recording lately. Kinda hard to find the time when you're either working or sleeping. I already started to hate most of the recordings for the EP so I re-recorded again. Now it's better. The only thing is that I can't seem to record a version of Hello Goodbye that sounds good. I don't know why. Wnen I play it live it's all good but recorded version blows, even my friends agreed with me. I just realized it should be Covered in Vaseline instead of Vasoline. Damn you, Stone Temple Pilots!

I've been trying to record one song that I consider probably my best, My Parade. For a long time actually. When I'm recording acoustic it sounds good as long as I'm playing chords, but if I record acoustic playing simple notes or solos it tends to sound like a pig taking a shit. It pisses me off. Shit. I'm tying to put a new song this week. Probably a stripped-down version of a song called Great Treasure. Who knows really. A finnish song also later probably maybe who knows maybe not. That one is called Jeesus. Bet you can't guess what it means :D

Rammstein's new record kicks ass and so does Alice In Chains' new record.

Pic: Tired like hell at work. I'm a cleaner in an art school and the people here often mistake me as one of the students. One time I went to clean an office and the guy there was trying to give me a video camera. Stupid me I asked him "Why are you giving that to me?" and then he realized that I'm the cleaner. If I had kept quiet I'd be shooting videos now, shit. By the way I hate my job, that's why I spend a lot of time in my "office", the storage room for my cleaning stuff. I hardly even fit here, it's that small. Man I'm gonna look like a total jerkoff when I have to lose the hair in January. Fucking military service. Fucking Finland that still has it mandatory. Fuck. Why do we even have a fucking army? If a war came, we'd lose for sure. And I wouldn't even fight, I'd run away like hell. Not interested in dying for anybody else than myself. AM I LOSING 6-9 MONTHS OF MY LIFE PLUS MY 250EU DREADLOCKS FOR THIS?? FUCK YOU!


Posted by ShanZE - October 11th, 2009

I lost my voice during this week so I couldn't record.

I'm going to concentrate on the artwork of CiV EP, my girlfriend Yvonne will be helping me with it. I think she's better in those things. I think the cover of the EP will include a picture of ME, isn't that quite inventive? :D Ok, ok I think I can do better than that. I was checking out this place cdbaby.com, where you can put your music and where it is possible to put your own record available for physical purchase and they'll do it all for you! I think they might be doing it all for me too! When I get my shit together, that is.

Man I hate to be broke. Finland is such an expensive place to live in.

The next song, Off the Radar won't be lyrically as mysterious and metaphorical as most of the stuff I have here. It's gonna kick your asses!

Me, I'm the perpetrator
You can't catch me I'm off the radar
Me I turn off the phone
On my way from the danger zone

Posted by ShanZE - September 26th, 2009

And it was great. Me and my acoustic guitar. It's been such a long time since I've performed live, and honestly it was about time. And it was the first time performing my own songs!
I played 5 songs:

Off The Radar
Free Fall From Cloud Nine
Hello Goodbye
Smash The Hourglass
Right Turn (the Alice in Chains' song, not a song of mine with the same name, just to make it clear)

People really loved Hello Goodbye especially. It somehow grabbed everyone's attention, everybody was so silent and serious when I was finished with the song. A few even came to say that it was great, it made me feel great. But now the next thing I want to do is to rock out with a band onstage and make the crowd go crazy! The problem is that I can't find the drummer anywhere...

Posted by ShanZE - September 25th, 2009

I've now recorded Covered in Vasoline EP completely but I want to mix it better and master and whatever and then I'll go through the rest of the trouble.

I've recorded 2 new songs completely. I don't know yet what I'll do with them.
Possibly doing a collaboration. If it happens it will be on NG.
I've written 10 new songs!! I'll introduce 3:
The Killer Sunrise (a grungemetal song that is about getting wasted, so unoriginal but ass-kicking)
Sleepwalking, Daydreaming (voodoo shit, intro song for something)
Off The Radar (I think I can't help myself, I'll most probably put on NG when recorded. catchy rock song with punk attitude)

"It's nice to hit the bottom, it's so much softer than the top"

Posted by ShanZE - September 5th, 2009

Yeah, that's what I did. I was having a hard time singing the vox 'cause I didn't remember that the original version was played from a lower tuning. I was screaming my heart out here, and I think the result is quite awesome although it differs a bit from the first version.

So those of you who liked the first version of back alive, are gonna LOVE this one! Go listen to it, download, and give it to all of your friends!

EP almost finished, now I'm gonna ask a cousin of mine to make a homepage for me soon, and I also have to get some pictures taken and that kind of stuff. Then I'll start putting my stuff everywhere and if the people start to like the stuff, then I'll release more soon. If it doesn't work, iI'm gonna try some other way. I'm not giving up anyway.

EDIT: Now today I recorded another song, a song that I found between the pages of an old notebook where I used to write stuff in school when I had a good idea or if I was bored. I don't remember which was the case with this song. It's called Surrounded by Lies. Consider it a b-side of the re-recorded Back Alive.

Ps. Mixing is not my thing, I need to go somewhere to record with some guy who knows the stuff.

PS. Check out the mic, it really blows walrus cock

Re-recorded Back Alive!! + A New song also

Posted by ShanZE - August 20th, 2009

I don't really know if anyone gives a shit but i couldn't help myself so I put one of the "better" songs that I've made on NG! It's called She's in Love Again (actually I'll put it after submittin' this useless info post shite). I don't really know what I'm supposed to do with all of the music I've made cause I'd like to let everybody hear it and i'd like to record the songs again in studio and man i'd like to do a lot of things and make records but right now i'm just too broke and lazy, i'll fix the situation soon. Anyway i've been talking about the ep but actually i've been recording other songs for the real deal and this would be the track 2. I wan't y'all to hear it. Otherwise great quality but the vox fuck up cuz i don't have a proper mic, it doesn't stay balanced and i can't record many vocal tracks cause my laptop buckles under the pressure. BUT IT*S REALLY NOT THAT BAD, EVEN THE VOX


btw after i hype like this it'll be soooo sad to see the song's score drop below 3... or?

pic: sHANze wants YOU to listen to the new song

If someone wants to give me a proper mic and a mixer I'll be happy to accept