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ShanZE's News

Posted by ShanZE - August 11th, 2009

Yo yo

I've been recording a lot lately, working with my ideas and actually getting shit done! I'm not having that many problems with the recording quality now that I'm getting the hang of this stuff and I'd like to let you know that I'm working on an acoustic EP (demo), not just individual songs to be released here. It's not an official one of course but I'll send it everywhere and see if it makes a good impression, if a record deal is possible 'cause I want to get this motherfucker rolling full speed!

On another note I've also been recording non-acoustic stuff which is also sounding much better than in the past and I'm using the demo of Addictive Drums for my songs and it sounds pretty badass, it's got to be the next best thing after actual drums. The acoustic EP is just a prelude for an actual album which will contain a few songs that are already on Newgrounds, two or three that I will put on newgrounds, and probably 6-8 songs that I'll save just for the album so that it doesn't become completely pointless. I like to imagine myself recording in the studio with a band with a record deal but I'll have to slow down... for now. Man I have big ideas but I'll make them come true.

Here's info about the EP for those who are interested:

artist: sHANze
album: Covered in Vasoline EP

track1: Smash the Hourglass (recorded)
track2: Eggs, Bacon and a Goddamn Gun (recorded)
track3: Hello Goodbye (will be re-recorded)
track4: Watching You (recorded, I don't think I'll put it on newgrounds but you'll hear it somehow)
track5: Heavy Burdens (will be recorded during this week)

There might also be a track 6, who knows............... ;)

Other songs that I have recorded:

Will be on the album:
- She's in Love Again
- My Parade (I'll also put on NG, but I'll re-record the bass first)
- FREE $$$
- Playing With Fire
- Faraway Bay

Won't be on the album:
- Some shit that isn't good

sHANze is happy!

Why do they always want the bad news first?

Posted by ShanZE - July 21st, 2009

so i'm in the middle of the recording process of 2 new songs, My Parade and a cover of Teardrop (by Massive Attack)... I installed all kinds of stuff to my computer and i have used a lot of time fiddling with fl studio and i'm becoming able to use the program but my laptop is running out of memory when i'm recording so that's quite a hindrance. Now i have amp simulators for bass and guitar so i'm able to record those too but i'm unhappy with the quality of sound i get from those, at least the sound doesn't fit the songs i want to record so maybe i'll jam and make a completely new one.

My parade will be great, i recorded the drum samples myself from all kinds of shit and it's sounding pretty good, believe it or not! Recording the guitar parts has become the problem with fl studio running out of memory->slowing down->fucking up the tracks. If someone has a good idea how to record stuff or optimize fl studio for a laptop then tell me. But anyways, this song won't take too long to finish now. It's one of my best so far and once again i'm sorry to say it's not the exactly the way i want to present it but what can i do, wait wait wait.

I don't know why I wanted to make a cover now but i couldn't help myself. Covering Teardrop isn't very smart cause the original is perfect already but i'm doing this one mostly to please myself, if someone else happens to dig it, it's a veeeery nice bonus! It's sounding ok, pretty good actually but not as good as the original of course. The trick is to nail the vocals, which won't be an easy job. Doing covers is fun, but i'll have to control myself a little more FOR REAL cause i have so much of my own stuff that i want to make. I'm so disorganized, you wouldn't even believe

Posted by ShanZE - July 7th, 2009

so many new comments! thanks to everyone for taking the time to check my music out.

now, i'll try to keep this one short cause tomorrow is another day at work waiting for me, but i'll give you a few updates.

yesterday i went to see korn and it was fucking awesome!!! the bad thing is i drank too much, jumped around too much and slept too little. no good

i bought an acoustic guitar, a fender and it wasn't expensive, sounds really good and looks gorgeous (it's black). so that means that there will be new music on the way since all i can really do now anyway is acoustic stuff cause i don't have an amplifier here where i'm staying now. or a MOTHERFUCKING mic for that matter. but with acoustic guitar it will happen

i graduated from high school (that was actually some time ago already, a month or so)

i got a new laptop for a present from my parents when i graduated. i'm using it now, it's really cool and it even works now, after 4 long weeks of being fixed somewhere

sorry i can't really turn all this stuff into a more readable, more interesting and less irritating text cause my mind is really blacking out. anyway, you can expect new songs that may just go by the following names (not necessarily those but i've been practising a lot and these are the ones sounding best right now):

my parade (totally angsty and quite grungy. i'll try to record bass to this one also)
hero factory (this song is a result of me deciding not to overthink and just write and play what the hell happens to come in mind first. sounds like nirvana i guess)
the dicktator (i can't decide if this one is industrial metal or acoustic grunge, isn't that odd?)
grandpa joined the air force one (about my grandpa, another sad song. it's been over a year and i still find it hard to understand that he really is dead)
sunrise in spring time in the city of the faraway bay (about a morning when the town was totally empty and all i could do was to gaze in amazement in the sky and after that it gets too philosophical)
17 in the cell (a punk song, wasn't too bad acoustic either)
et sinä uskaltaisi tappaa ketään muuta kuin itsesi (a finnish song, really doubt recording that one but it sounded pretty neat :D in english the title is "you wouldn't have the balls to kill anyone except for yourself")

you can expect "hole to fill" to be finished as soon as i get a chance to scream the shit out of myself
and the first thing i'll go when i get the chance to record good ol' electric guitar through good ol' overdrive you can be expecting the following song:

I plug my ears
cause i don't wanna hear it
gossip, lies
i don't give a shit
still here but trying hard
to be as absent as possible
alleys, valleys
i abominate

alcoholics are amusing
telling tales they're very stupid
but after all the booze they take
they've got something to say
as a symptom of your disease
it is my duty to tell you this
your superstitions are stupid
stop believing in that shit

the leaders of your beliefs
mask the truth and the news you read
no fucking celebration
except for the cemetery nation

first there's bribes but then there's blackmail

why do they always want the bad news first

is it fact or is it fiction?
doesn't matter, it's addiction
idiots stare in amazement
at the tv-screen
they can't read between the lines
or separate the truth from lies
things that don't affect their lives
make them cry

the leaders of your beliefs
change the words and break the peace
celebration, celebration
for the false information

why do they always want the bad news first

ok, i couldn't make a long story short but instead even longer. anyways, keep on checking back here. if lady luck gives a fuck i'll be back with a new song maybe even tomorrow.. maybe not though

Posted by ShanZE - April 27th, 2009

Didn't go to the studio I was talking about because of my lazy ass motherfucking friends who didn't have the time this weekend.

BUT instead I recorded two of my own songs at home and they are turning out pretty good. Now I'm tryint to find time to finish recording the vocals, which is hard because I'm now staying at my girlfriend's parents' house and here I can't sing aloud when people are at home. Dang. But I'm excited to post them here, truly am.

The first one is "Hole to Fill", a song that sounds kinda grunge and kinda metal but isn't really either. (I guess?) It's otherwise finished but vocals need to be re-recorded 'cause my beloved Audacity crashed and somehow dragged the vocal tracks along to its death. Luckily the rest survived.

The other one is "Fornever". It used to be a simple grunge song but during the weekend morphed into an industrial epic. Without a doubt, it is qualitywise absolutely the best song I've recorded and I think along with that song I'm going up a level as a musician. BUT it's the same problem, vocals must be recorded first. The files of the song are on my computer at home away from here, so I'll have to wait until my bro sends them to me. Sometimes it's just sad to ruin a good song with lousy-fucking-headset-mic-recording but what can you do.

I'm really fucking pissed off at myself because I forgot to take my guitar when I got off the train on my way here. I talked to the people at the station and they made phone calls and said that it has been taken to the lost & found, so today I'll be going to check if it's there. Fuck.

Posted by ShanZE - April 16th, 2009

The songwriting process is complete, now I just wait 'til I'm able to record something. This time it's a proper ball-kicking rock-song
These are the lyrics to the song "Hole to Fill" (sorry about the CAPS, that's when there's screaming):

My pain grew bigger as the time elapsed
Now the castle I've built is about to collapse
Every sentence I spoke... you got wrong
I was there but I wasn't there to fill your hole

If you could make it true
Maybe I could make it through
I know you could make it true
Then I could make it through to you

My pain grows and grows as the time goes on
Was it right or wrong? Well, it sure is long gone
And how could I get it back if it never existed
How could you recall SHIT if you never listened

Well maybe you could make it true
Then I could make it through
Yeah if you could make it true
I could make it through
If you could make it true
I could make it through
If you could make it true
I could make it through ALIVE

...I thought it was over but it's over and over again
...I thought it was over but it's over and over again

This has to end somehow although it never started
This has to end somehow although it never started


If only you could make it true
I could make it through
If you could make it true
I could make it through
Because you can't make it true
I will make it true
'Cause you can't make it true
You won't make it through...!


Posted by ShanZE - April 13th, 2009

I can't wait to be able to make music the way I want to. I have so many ideas. I have probably 100 songs that are somewhat ready for recording. I really fucking want to do this.

I'm listening to one of Marilyn Manson's new leaked songs. This one is probably the best song I've heard in years. I feel quilty for listening to this even though I'm going to be the first one to buy the new album when it hits the stores... Don't miss it.

"It's not rain you rapist werewolves, it's god pissing down on you."