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A new year, new stuff! "Relationshit Revisited" on http://faggotsapiens .bandcamp.com, Feb. 23rd! Spread the word! Our actual band, Bad Samaritan, will be releasing the first demo soon as well! Keep checking back for updates!

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ShanZE's News

Posted by ShanZE - January 10th, 2011

I'm going to have a new one pretty soon. This might delay the album a little.

For the time being, i'll record and post a new acoustic song today/tomorrow that's not included on the album!

Posted by ShanZE - December 23rd, 2010

All the songs have been picked for the album carefully. Some of them you haven't heard before, some you have, but all of the older songs on the album will be versions that you haven't heard. Assuming I will be able to upgrade my recording program, the album will be out in January. Here's the tracklist:


1 Walls of Berlin
2 In Love Again
3 A to B
4 So Far, No Good
5 Mono Erectus
6 Quicksand
7 Poltergeist
8 No Longer a Whore
9 Sister
10 Heart 404
11 Into the New
12 Fuck Me
13 Pretty Side Up

i'm also probably going to make a split EP with a friend of mine, it will most likely feature 3 new songs from me...

AND! I decided that whenever I make the album able for physical purchase I will include a 5-song-EP called "Revival of Tomorrow" to it. I don't know yet if I'll release it otherwise.


1 Shoot Me in the Sun
2 Time's Up
3 Revival of Tomorrow
4 Paramedics Arrive!
5 Sky or Heaven

Posted by ShanZE - November 8th, 2010

Acoustic live of "Heart 404"

There you have it. Watch it, rate it, spread it, or something

The audio track for some reason is not in sync with the video, it was though before i uploaded it on youtube :o

We also recorded live videos of me performing 2 other songs, I'll see later what I'll do about them
Just thought I should let you know that I can play this shit live too

Posted by ShanZE - October 24th, 2010

I will be putting out a new album pretty soon, whenever it's ready. It shall be called "Relationshit Revisited". I will not be using the name "sHANze" as the artist name. It'll be released on bandcamp.com and may become available for physical purchase sometime in future. It will contain something like 10 songs. A single from the album is already on the internet. Try to find it if you care ;D

The album will NOT be acoustic. It will kick ass.

When life sucks the most, that's when you do the best songs. It's not really worth it but if it's all I can get, I'll take it.


Posted by ShanZE - October 1st, 2010

http://shanze.bandcamp.com/track/heart -404

Another song to listen to, you can buy it too if you want to support me a little. I'm broke fellas... :D
But listening is free so listen to it anyway.


Posted by ShanZE - July 6th, 2010

last friday we played our first gig with the new band! we only played 7 songs, that was the best we could do with the given circumstances but i guess we did ok. it was cool to perform although the stage was strange (there was no stage, we played on the floor) and only few people were there. most of them said that they couldn't hear the singing though... there's a video of the whole performance so maybe you'll see it too if you care to. but i don't know if you can hear the singing there either :D yeah it was a true first gig alright!

first gig with new band

Posted by ShanZE - June 7th, 2010


A new song from our band. It's a good song.

Posted by ShanZE - May 12th, 2010

Telling me to do the right thing is like telling a blind man to take a good look into the mirror - as much as I'd like to it's simply impossible and the mirror's just looking at me.

My love is a framed painting on the wall. If it fell down and broke. It makes me think. It's easy to get a new frame and just hang the slightly damaged picture back on the wall. But most likely it will fall down again and again until the picture is more than slightly damaged. A better way to fix it is to paint it again from the scratch. This time using true colors. But to do that you also need to learn to paint, and to do that you might need some time alone to exercise. If you're not happy with the new painting, throw it away and paint something else instead but remember always to use true colors.

Whatever happens next will be scary and new.

I'm uploading a demo version of a song called "So far, No good" that is pretty relevant to me right now. It has no drums but fuck that. You'll get the idea.

Posted by ShanZE - April 22nd, 2010

The first "single" from our band, Empire Grotesque is now on bandcamp and myspace I think. Will maybe be on newgrounds as well unless we are too lazy to make an account for the band. Let's see. Anyways, go listen to it! It's weird!

http://www.empiregrotesque.bandcamp.co m


Posted by ShanZE - April 12th, 2010

i'm the plague
i'm the plague
i'm the plague
i'm the plague
and i play the bass
in the place to be

measure my treasure
measure my treasure
measure my treasure
measure my treasure
my cheezburger


you're the motherfucking pigeon in the motherfucking tree
you're the motherfucking pigeon in the motherfucking tree
you're the motherfucking pigeon in the motherfucking tree
same old boring song every morning
motherfucking pigeon in the motherfucking tree - free

look at me mom, no hands
look at me mom
look at me mom, no brains



i'm the ace in the hole
i'm the hole in the face
i'm the holy cow baby
i play the bass

hare hare hare
rama rama rama
i play the bass

this lie reminds me of the truth
this lie reminds me of the truth
This lie reminds me of the truth.

you're the motherfucking pigeon in the motherfucking tree
you're the motherfucking pigeon in the motherfucking tree
you're the motherfucking pigeon in the motherfucking tree
you're the motherfucking pigeon
in the motherfucking tree